133 Barber Shop

Clark has been an independent business owner for just over a year now. He has built up a large following under management of a small barbershop and has taken the leap out on his own and proving himself as a successful business owner in the barber world. We worked together back in October to create a set of images to help create a brand image online.

Although this was small shoot for fast engagement online, we wanted to show a professional but friendly atmosphere that could be used to attract more bookings through his app.

Clark is keen to work together for more online content and event videos in the summer.

New York Audio Experience

In October 2018 we were invited along to our friends wedding held in Central Park NY. With days either side of the main event we turned this into an extended city break.

New York is a extreme attack on the senses… in a good way, of course. Looking back at all my footage I realised that there was soo much juicy audio captured without even realising. The rush of traffic, chatter on the streets, the calm nature of the highline. Because of this, I decided to opt for a mellow track to run along side this, leaving space for the city soundtrack to be heard. The track being Ta-Ku - Trust me

I shot the majority of footage at 60fps to get that smooth motion in a 25fps timeline (reducing speed to 41.66%) This gives a cinematic feel as the real-time audio connects the scenes together.

Finalising my timeline with some transitions to lead you through the different shots and some light grading and the odd light leak overlay, I have another successful travel video to look back on and inspire us to book the next trip.

The full McNeill Wedding edit can be found on the homepage.